At sentencing, U.S. District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller explained that Vitaliy Fedorchuk, 28, of Antelope, California will start serving his sentence in January and have to pay a $5,000 fine and $1,335 in restitution for his offenses. Fedorchuk will also serve 2 years of supervised release afterwards.
Judge Mueller sentenced Fedorchuk to a year and a day in prison for each of the five counts of wire fraud, but ordered they’re served concurrently.
Court records reveal that between June 23, 2014, and July 27, 2016, Fedorchuk provided air bag modules, air bag covers and maker emblems through his eBay online shop, redbarnautoparts. In doing this, he falsely promoted his merchandise as being genuine equipment from leading auto manufacturers, despite the fact that they were all fake.
Every automaker told law enforcement that the things, such as covers and emblems, are not sold separately but as a member of an aviation assembly that’s simply sold to licensed traders, the DOJ stated. Fedorchuk stated he purchased a complete pallet of air bags each month to maintain his stock transported and that he offered about 100 air bags and 20 to 25 covers each month.
On account of the significance of a fully operational air bag, the things have to be purchased via a licensed dealer, the DOJ stated, adding that Fedorchuk confessed his products were in an elevated chance of not functioning properly, thereby upping his buyers’ risk for possible harm or death.
Through the strategy, he offered substandard items to countless individuals, pulling in over $95,000, the DOJ stated, including that authentic air bag modules and covers possess identifying manufacturer markers which have the date of manufacturing. Fedorchuk’s products did not have such markers, the authorities said.
Redbarnautoparts, that joined eBay in April, 2014, roughly two weeks before prosecutors state Fedorchuk began his fraud, has an accounts photograph of a reddish barn-style garage which seems to have been raised from a drop company’s site. Redbarnautoparts isn’t any longer a registered eBay user.
The accounts obtained 435 reviews, all but a couple of these favorable and praising its own qualities as a “good seller” using “quick shipping” that many “would purchase from again.”
Fedorchuk’s defense attorney couldn’t immediately be reached for comments. The government doesn’t comment on ongoing litigation but issues a press release.